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TPV FEC Aerpos TPV FEC Aerpos TPV FEC Aerpos
Terminal AerPOS AP-3435 Terminal AerPOS AP-3435 AerPOS 3435 con Visor
AerPOS con 2ª Pantalla 15 AerPOS con 2ª Pantalla 15

AerPOS AP-3615

Ref: AP-3615

The terminal AerPOS AP-3615 is a team of high provision for applications that require a lot of resources of system. His novedsos design and his fine and totally flat screen, give him an elegant appearance and vanguardista. Thought for hard surroundings in the hospitality industry or retail, with a robust carcasa of steel with aluminium  and industrial component of long length.

Compatibility with several Processors (Intel® Celeron®, Pentium® or Core i3 or i5), Options for different plate IO and two disks of storage SATA.

Feeding 5/ 12V in all the serial ports to feed all the necessary peripherals(Scanner, Finder, Scales, 2ª Screen, MSR....)

    • Models

      AerPOS 3615 15" Intel® Celeron® G540

      AerPOS 3625 15" Intel® Celeron® B810

      Available in colour Black or White colour

      Available in SIGNPOST TFT 30.000 Hours tactil Resistiva (Standar) or LED 50.000 Hours with tactil capacitiva

    • Carcasa Steel with aluminium and screen plastico ABS with glass toughened (True Flat) IP54
    • Screen
      • Screen AU 15" 1024x768 250 cd/m² (TFT 30.000 Hours, Industrial)
      • Screen AU 15" 1024x768 350 cd/m² (LED 50.000 Hours, Industrial)
    • Tactile

      ABON Resistiva 5 Threads

      AUO Capacitiva (Anti-Scratches)

    • Operational

      Processor 3615 -> Intel® Celeron® G540, 2.5Ghz Intel® Core i5-3550S, 3.0Ghz, 3.3Ghz
      Intel® Core i5-2400S, 2.5Ghz

      Processor 3625 -> Intel® Celeron® B810, 1.6Ghz Intel® Core i5-2510And, 2.5Ghz (vPro)

      Memory of system 4 GB Standard, Maximum 4 GB (1 x 204 pins DDR3)

      Chipset 3615 -> graphic Intel® GMA 3150

      Chipset 3625 -> Intel® QM67

      Source external Feeding 150W (12V / 12.5To)

      Disk of storage 1 x 2.5", SATA HDD or SATA SSD

      2 Speakers 2 W

    • IO

      Serial ports RS232: Interns: COM6 (Reserved)

      4 x External : COM1, COM2 (DB9), COM3 (RJ45), COM4 (RJ45)

      USB Port 5 x External( (4 Rear, 1 Front)

      Drawer Port 1 x RJ11 (12V)

      LAN Port 1 x RJ45 Giga LAN

      PCI Slot 1 x Mini PCI-and (Internal)

      Video Port 1 x VGA

      Audio Port 1 x Line-out, 1 x Mic-in

      DC Output 1 x 12V DC Jack 2.5 mm

      2ª Plate IO Optional: Type To Serial Port: COM5 (DB9), Powered USB Port: 1 x 12V, USB x 2


    • Measures 367 x 352 x 223 mm
    • Surroundings


      • EMI / Safety CE, FCC Class To
      • Operative temperature 0˚,,C ~ 40˚,,C (32˚,,F ~ 104˚,,F)
      • Temperature of Storage -10˚,,C ~ 55˚,,C (14˚,,F ~ 131˚,,F)
      • Relative humidity 10% ~ 90% (no condensed)
    • Operating system

      Operating systems:

      • Windows XP, POSReady 2009, Windows 7, POSReady 7
      • Linux Unbuntu 8.04 LTS
    • Guarantee 2 Years
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