Design and Production of professional teams "POS & KIOSK"

The aim of FEC is to offer solve quality price very competitive, based in Industrial components and carcasas very robust to a very comprehensible price for his long cycle of life. FEC enorgullece To bet always by robust and innovative solutions thanks to the team&of R D and to all the departments that make possible that it was a leading mark and of reference in the market of the POS.

Our ecological "approach", begins with the manufacture of products designed with material of aluminium 100% recyclable and componenetes electronic of low consumption.







 • Fec Along the history:

Along the history, FEC has developed solutions totally customizadas, for important customers which required a linea of product in accordance with the image of company and a provision in some robust and stable cases, but in other powerful and versatiles. Solutions very vertical, that have done of FEC a leading company and with a lot of innovation in the world of the POS.




• Profitability

The majority of systems desarrolados by FEC, are thought for a minimum length of 7 years. The time of life util of the team compared with a price of reasonable cost, do of these systems, a very profitable solution to half/long term.




• Strategy

FEC Has centred his strategy in developing teams very robust with Industrial components and carcasas of steel with aluminium to minimise all the problematic derivatives of the hard work that supposes the TPV and allowing lengthen the life util of all his systems.




 • Development of technology POS & KIOSK :
The team&of R D of FEC together with the internal departments of production, estan qualified to design and create teams totally customizados for customers that require different specifications to the offered in other products standares.




• A Team devoted to&R D:
Including Industrial design, mechanical Design, Development of Software, Ingenieria Electronic and Integration of the system




• Protection environment

The protection of the environment is an important worry for the manufacture of electronic products all over the world. This is the reason by which FEC has adapted and filled during the last years a rule and strict environmental politics, chord to the European directives, like the restriction of the use of dangerous substances in electrical and electronic teams (RoHS) and the relative European Directive to the waste electrical and electronic teams (RAEE).



• Saving of energy

The conservation of energy is an integral part of this process, by which, offer a wide range of machines of low power with screen retroiluminada LED (screen + CPU: 35 watts) and supplies with sources of feeding of high efficiency (certified), what means that at least 80% of the energy received in the entrance transmits to the machine, minimising like this the need of components of energy and heating.

Finally, the approach of "echo-friendly" FEC is also a lower footprint of carbon, 35% of our containers and the service of collected of cardboard in the place of the destruction of his obsolete teams of agreement to the environmental norms in less than a week.

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