Stood out
Definitely, the strongest point is his spectacular design. The tactile terminals of the series AerPOS, are available with technology Fanless (Without fans, for hard surroundings where the stability is the main reason) and with technology of high provision (Processors Celeron, i3 or i5 and chip-sets much more powerful for demanding applications but that require of some fan to dissipate the temperature)
Tactile terminal with excellent reason quality-price. It keeps the usual Industrial components of FEC like signpost, plate and source of feeding. Terminal entirely Fanless thanks to his upper cover construída in aluminium. It incorporates a finder LCD of 2 lineas x 20 characters of series.
Tactile terminal Fanless of big robustness thanks to his carcasa of alloy of steel and aluminium. Industrial components and assembling of high precision. One of the main characteristic is that it allows to transform in terminal of wall, terminal of low profile, terminal with printer/scanner integrated, terminal of supermarket or terminal scales. The authentic chameleon of our range.


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