The tactile terminals of the series AerPOS, are available with technology Fanless (Without fans, for hard surroundings where the stability is the main reason) and with technology of high provision (Processors Celeron, i3 or i5 and chip-sets much more powerful for demanding applications but that require of some fan to dissipate the temperature)

The terminal can incorporate so many tactile screens resistivas like capacitivas in LED of 50.000 Hours or LCD's retroiluminados of 30.000 Hours of life)

Now this series is complemented with screens resistivas/ capacitivas of 17".


Terminal developed for vertical surroundings like Supermarkets, incorporates the more hard and compatible peripherals of the market, as they are the printer Epson TM88V and the scanner Solaris. The terminal tactil used, is the most stable and durable of FEC.

Another of the characteristic is that the terminal supplies all the feeding to the peripherals and all the wires remain unseen.


CipherLAB Has developed a reader movil RFiD UHF, able to work of an independent form or through any device (PDA, Tablet). Ideal to make inventories or requests, incorporates a communication USB and Bluetooth, allowing work On-line with the device / PC or in way Batch.


New supports for PDA's and Tablets of different manufacturers to adapt the reader 1861 RFiD UHF of CipherLAB.

Of a very simple and effective form, anchors the device on the support, and through a communication Bluetooth standar makes the connection.


Expanding the extensive range of terminals windows, CipherLAB has launched the new terminal rugerizado CP-60.

• Durable compact design: IP65 and caídasde 1.5 mts.
• Windows Mobile 6.5 / Windows CE 6.
• Laser Std, Laser long distance or 2D imager
• Camera 5 MegaPixeles
• Communication BT, WiFi, 3.8G, GPS






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